Employees & Contractors

Graham Fowler - Operations Manager

Fred Dennison - Operations Assistant

Marty Deline - Water Operator 

Keith Chisholm - Assistant Water Operator

Kelly Rix, Leanne Shaw, Kelly Hubert - Summit HOA Services

Board of Directors

President: Greg Pool

Vice President: Jane Duggan

Treasurer: Scott Carlisle

Secretary: Joe Garcia

At Large: Tom Dunkle

At Large: Gail Reeves

At Large: Dennis McCarthy


Generally, committees assist the board by conducting research, identifying options and alternatives and communicating their findings to the board, typically through a presentation by the committee chairperson. 

Committees also complete tasks not requiring board action, such as drafting new forms or non-substantive form revisions, community newsletters and general information flyers and communications on social media accounts and planning social events. 

While committees can advise and assist the board, they cannot make decisions for the community such as imposing new rules and/or fees.  For example, the finance committee can create a proposed annual budget for the community, it cannot be implemented without board approval.  

The exception to this rule is the architectural review committee, which is granted special authority by the HOA’s governing documents to approve or deny improvement requests from homeowners, independent of the board of directors. That being said, the architectural review committee’s authority lies only within the boundaries of the governing documents.